Lead America Forward

“Join me, and let’s reinvent government for the 21st century!” – Captain Hoff


It’s time to apply the same spirit of innovation and openness to government that Silicon Valley uses to launch world-changing startups.

We need this now more than ever if we are going to move forward as a nation and take on the challenges of the future. The problems our country faces are daunting, but the solutions are out there waiting for us to find them.

First, we must defy groupthink if we are going to bring about meaningful change. We have to challenge commonly held beliefs and experiment with new models. This is the core of innovation, and it’s what made this country exceptional.

Our nation’s founders innovated on government when they launched the world’s first modern democracy. The reason they allowed us to amend the Constitution is because they understood that innovation is an on-going process. If you stop innovating, you stagnate and die. The world is always changing, and we must too.

In this same spirit, I am challenging America to reinvent government. We should start by taking on the hardest problems, like underemployment, gun violence, drug addiction, healthcare, education, poverty, climate change, campaign finance reform, and more.

In Silicon Valley, we believe there is no problem that cannot be solved. We just need to think different, come up with new ideas, test them out, and keep iterating until we break through. If our government embraces the same methodologies as our most innovative businesses, the results will speak for themselves.

Our mission is to rethink every aspect of how we run this country. By tapping the brightest minds in our nation, together we can change the system. We can ask the right questions, come up with better solutions, and make real progress.

Join us, and let’s reinvent government together. The future is ours.

Steve Hoffman
Captain of Lead America Forward

Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash