Reinvent Government

Our #1 priority is to bring innovation to government, so we can reduce political gridlock, cut down on bureaucracy, improve efficiency, and come up with new solutions to hard problems.

Instead of Democrats and Republicans arguing over unproven ideas, we need an intelligent way to review and gauge the effectiveness of all government programs.

Next Steps:

– Use AI and Big Data to track performance.

– Demand accountability at all levels.

– Make all unclassified data and processes transparent.

– Implement the latest corporate management techniques.

– Enable rating of government employees by peers and public.

– Bring lean startup methodologies to government programs.

– Start with small test projects, iterate, evaluate, and expand.

– Make final decisions based on real data, not rhetoric and ideology.

This is just the beginning. We can keep adding to this list as we try out different innovative approaches and determine which ones deliver the optimal results.

Photo by Jomar on Unsplash