Our Platform

We are building a platform to addresses the most critical issues our nation faces.

Our mission is to unite Americans around shared beliefs, come up with innovative solutions, and marshal the resources to put these ideas into action.

Keep in mind that we are not beholden to any special interests groups, and we don’t have political careers to protect. If our initial assumptions prove to be wrong, we’re not only willing but eager to try other approaches.

Reinvent Government — Our #1 priority is to bring innovation to government, so we can reduce political gridlock, cut down on bureaucracy, improve efficiency, and come up with new solutions to hard problems.

Livable Wages — Everyone deserves a living wage. No one should have to work two or three part-time jobs just to feed their family. We need to consider a national minimum wage, universal basic income, and other approaches so that hard-working parents can provide for their families, save for retirement, and send their kids to college.

True Healthcare — No one should be denied life-saving medical care in their time of need. We need to explore all options, including true single-payer healthcare, innovative technologies for delivering low-cost medical services, and new market-driven solutions.

Campaign Finance Reform — We must figure out how to reduce the impact of money on politics. This includes stricter controls on lobbyists, requiring complete transparency, and limiting the funding of political campaigns to US citizens–not corporations and special interests.

Fair Taxes — We need to design a more equitable and balanced tax system, which reduces taxes on working Americans while making large corporations and the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share.

Better Jobs — Unfortunately, most new jobs available today are low-wage or temporary. We need to focus on creating higher-wage jobs by investing in new technologies, education, entrepreneurship, and retraining American workers for the industries of the future.

Smart Regulation — We need to develop a system with dynamic regulations that are routinely tested against actual data, fine tuned, and revised so that they perform as intended. This way we can better protect our health, safety, and the environment, while streamlining government and making it easier to do business.

Our Environment — If we want to keep our children free from dangerous levels of pollutants and safeguard our country’s remaining wilderness areas for future generations, we must strengthen, not weaken, our commitment to protecting the environment and stop our politicians from falling prey to lobbyists, who wish to profit at public expense.

Climate Catastrophe — It’s time for an Apollo-like Program to address the climate catastrophe taking place. This would enable us to take the lead on developing new energy sources and green technologies, explore ways to cool our planet through carbon sequestration and geo-engineering, create jobs for American workers, reduce deaths from diseases like lung cancer, and provide for a better and more stable world.

Wall Street Greed — We need to craft forward-looking regulations to prevent big banks from gambling with investors’ money. Otherwise, there will be another financial meltdown, and taxpayers will wind up footing the bill.

Right to Vote — No American should be denied the right to vote. We should extend voting days to include weekends, stop politicians from gerrymandering districts, set up more polling stations in marginalized areas, automatically register every citizen to vote when they get their ID, and make it easier to vote by absentee ballot.

Immigration Reform — We need to stop politicizing immigration and overhaul our system so that children aren’t separated from their parents, political refugees are treated with dignity, and the process is as fair, effective, and efficient as possible.

Fascism — Fascism has once again reared its ugly head around the world. It’s time we live up to our values and denounce abusive governments, promote democracy over expediency, and actively pressure antidemocratic rulers to open up their political systems, respect human rights, and rollback repressive policies.

Prison Bloat — America has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world. We need to overhaul our prison system, reduce prison sentences for minor crimes, implement rehabilitation and drug treatment programs, and stop pumping taxpayer dollars into private prisons with high recidivism rates.

Active Defense — Instead of retreating into isolationism, we need a stronger global presence and proactive policies that engage our allies, strengthen NATO, stabilize the Middle East, and curb the territorial ambitions of aggressive nations.

Torture — Not only is torture less effective than other forms of interrogation, it’s totally unethical and inexcusable. As the leader of the free world, we should not engage in torture or rendition to countries that practice torture. The only thing worse than our enemies is for us to become like them.

Cyber Security — We must put cyber security at the top of our agenda. Our rivals are investing vast amounts of money in internet weapons capable of hacking our networks, stealing our trade secrets, compromising our national defense, and undermining our democratic institutions. We are currently unable to stop them except through threats of military retaliation, which is a dangerous position to be in.

Gun Violence — All Americans can agree on one simple thing: We don’t want guns falling into the hands of criminals, the mentally ill, or children. We need to be open to testing out new solutions, like background checks, gun licensing, smart guns, and serialized ammunition to see what works best at reducing gun deaths, while still allowing law abiding citizens the right to bear arms.

Fair Trade — Instead of engaging in destructive trade wars, if we are to continue our role as a global leader, we must rethink our international policies. We should reduce friction with our trading partners, promote free markets, and form multilateral agreements that require our partners to live up to our legal, labor, and environmental standards so it’s a level playing field.

Education for All — Our future competitiveness depends on having a highly educated workforce. It’s time to innovate on our educational system, emphasize creative thinking and problem solving over rote memorization, and make sure that all Americans who want a college education can get one without incurring crippling debt.

Women at Work — I want to see America come up with innovative solutions to close the pay gap, reduce sexual harassment, get more women into positions of leadership, and create a flexible environment for working mothers, so all women can have an opportunity at a career without sacrificing their families.

Justice & Equality — Lastly and most importantly, it’s enshrined in our constitution that all Americans are created equal, and as a nation, we must have zero tolerance for intolerance. We must protect the rights and liberties of all our citizens, especially the most vulnerable, and stand up to anyone who perpetrates injustice or abuses power. This is what it means to be American.

You may not agree with every position we take, but if you trust the innovation process, then join us in this endeavor.

What matters is not what any of us believes to be true but what actually produces results. This is the essence of innovation. It’s what underpins Our Vision. The key is to question every assumption and remain open to new ideas, even those that come from opposing political parties. Only by analyzing real-world data and running actual experiments can we learn the truth.

Outcomes, not ideology, should be our guide. Together we can reinvent how government works and take our nation in a new direction.

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash