Focus on the Future

Our mission is to forge a movement that will bring enlightened leadership back to this great nation. The goal is nothing short of reimagining America, changing how our political system operates, and rooting out corruption and incompetence.

Let’s not fool ourselves. America cannot afford to cower behind border walls, trade barriers, and isolationist policies. Making immigrants the scapegoat for all our problems is counter productive. Instead of playing political games that divide our people, our government needs to focus on the real issues.

The majority of Americans are being left behind in a world that is rapidly digitizing and automating. Most of the jobs being created now are low wage and temporary. Working families need solutions–not diversions and distractions. No matter how tall our walls, it won’t bring back any real jobs. No matter how high our tariffs, they won’t help our economy.

Americans need to understand that the manufacturing jobs of the 1980s aren’t coming back. Today, over 80% of American jobs are in the service and information technology sectors, and that figure is growing. Even if we could get companies to relocate their manufacturing to America, no one would want those jobs. Americans don’t want to work on an assembly line at wages competitive with those in Southeast Asia.

We need to create the jobs of the future, not the past, and that means investing in innovation and growth. Only by developing the next generation of industries can we put Americans to work at higher pay.

We must invest in our entrepreneurs, create policies that encourage innovation, focus on emerging technologies, and produce the best educated workforce in the world. This is the way to compete in the 21st century.

Only by embracing change, not hiding from it, can we overcome the issues that lie ahead. Through innovation combined with forward-thinking leadership, we can strengthen our democracy, provide a better quality of life for all Americans, and ensure our rights and political freedoms.

Join me in this undertaking, and let’s reinvent America.

Steve Hoffman
Captain of Lead America Forward

Photo by Ryan Loughlin on Unsplash